Header in Header-1

With a subheader in Header-4

Header in Header-3


*Paragraph text copies font-family, font-size and color from the text-styles that you entered in the edition settings.*

*The paragraph text default copies font-family, font-size and font-color from the text-styles that you entered in the edition settings. If you want a different color for your paragraph text, choose a color in the color picker below int the edit window. *


*Please note: this color picker only changes the color of the paragraph text. It has no effect on the Headers.*

Header in Header-3


*Text editor options. In the text editor you have several options to edit your text. You can make the text bold, italic or underlined, insert a list with bullet points or a numbered list.


To the right of the list options you will find the link buttons. You can use these to link a text to another page inside your magazine. If you click on the link browser button the page-tree of your magazine will be presented from which you can select the page that you want the text to link to. You can also make links to external websites. 


In the lower bar the first button is used to insert a PDF-document inside a text paragraph, you can select the text that has to open the PDF and then click the "File browser" button and select the PDF.


The first dropdown menu in the lower bar is used to change the style of the text to either a paragraph text or a H1-H6 text.


Next to that is the Formats dropdown menu. Here you can select a custom WYSIWYG style that you can make and edit in the Fonts & text styles module of Magzmaker. You can use these styles for instance to make streamers or to adjust specific words inside the text. "This is a streamer made with a custom WYSIWYG style" To use a WYSIWYG style first select the text you want it to apply to and then choose the style from the dropdown menu.


The third dropdown menu in the lower menu bar lets you adjust the line height of the total Paragraph part or the total Header part of the text. Please note: this menu can not be used to adjust the line height of a selected part of a text.


Next to the line height dropdown menu is a button that lets you choose from over 500 icons to insert in your text.*

Header in Header-2


*The image on the left isn't a regular image element. It is an image inserted in the 2-column content type as a background image. To do so you click on the black edit button that appears when you mouse over the 2-column contenttype. After clicking on it you will find the option to select a background image for the first and the second column of the content type. The same goes for the 3 and 4-column content types.*

Header in Header-3


*You can define standard text styles for your paragraph text and your Header 1-6 in the Edition settings of your magazine. Here you can select a font-family, font size and the font-color of your text styles. For every text style you can also define the line height. 


For an optimal reading experience we recommend to use a font size of minimal 16px for your paragraph text and a line height of 160%.*

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